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"I’ve been using your products since 2008 and absolutely LOVE them. Thank you for being an ethical, honest business with safe products that actually work!"

Nicki Caps


Testimonial: Crystal Ally Deodorant

"I absolutely love your product! I am going through perimenopause and sweating like a beast! I was concerned that I would not have enough coverage with your product but my friend who uses it assured me I would.  After a very long work day today as well as a 3-mile run, I had no sweaty odor at all!I absolutely love your product.  I will definitely be buying more!

                                                                                                Brigit K.

Testimonial:  Coconut Cream

"I love it. Once fall/winter comes, my finger-tips start to crack and break, as well as my knuckles. I need lotion. This stuff is PERFECT. I have used it multiple times now. It absorbs quick, smells great, and the best part is (as you already know): it's NOT greasy. I'd even show you before and after photos of my fingertips but... you get the idea. It does the job ;) I think it's a definite winner!"

B. Kirby

Testimonial:  On A Clear Day

"This is great!  There was a significant reduction in 

redness, swelling and pain in 3 hours! 

MAGICAL! Thank you!"


"Hi Barbara, I am pretty convinced that your products are the best organics on the market. When you can actually see results instantly and continue to see the benefits its truly a good product."

Mara Schiavetti / Make-up Artist / Ford Modeling

"I'm a new user of your products. My sister, Shannon Sprague turned me on to them when I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea. The dermatologist gave some perceptive face wash and topical cream and it just made my Rosacea worse. I've always had beautiful skin and have never had to wear makeup. I've been having to wear makeup for the last 6 months because my skin was so bad. I've been using your products for a month now and I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and your products. Today is the first day in 6 months that I've been able to walk out the door with NO MAKEUP!! Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back!!"

Jaimee Swiderski Lowell / MA Customer for life!

"I was introduced to Barbara Rogers products while working at the Tree of Life Health Practice. I had a problem with lymphatic congestion for some time. After using Keeping Abreast of It for several weeks I lost all symptoms. I also use Outer Body Experience and Gypsy Rose Tea routinely. I have found these products to be extreamly helpful. No other products are so pleasing to my senses as well as healing to my body. Thank you Barbara for all you do."

Susan Miller / R.N

"Barbara, Pack your bags is wonderful! I have told everyone about it. The difference in my eyes is fabulous. I have even put it on sagging skin on other parts of my face and it has the same effect. I really like this product and recommend it to everyone. You really have out done yourself on this one."

Dixie Story Midwife / Raw Food Chef

Dear Barbara, I cannot thank you enough for creating the Good As Gold 2-part face product. I use the Liquid and Black Gold several times a week and leave them on for an hour, as you suggested. The results are phenomenal!

First, many of my blemishes have all but disappeared and my skin is clearer and more beautiful than ever before. I have struggled with adult acne and, as a result, have many red and dark marks on my face. The acne is mostly around the bottom right and left sides of my mouth and has left numerous scars. I have tried the typical avenues, such as prescribed pills and topical treatments, as well as over-the-counter remedies, but none of them reduced the redness and scars. The Good As Gold removed almost all of the ugly scarring. And, where my face used to be puffy and swollen from the acne, it is now smooth and clear. Wow, what a difference!

Second, my entire face is the softest I have ever felt it, especially immediately after using Good As Gold. Also, my face is staying soft and beautiful even a day or two later (of course, that may be due to the other amazing products of yours that I enjoy such as Amazing Face and Creme de Rose). I love seeing the results of my new, fabulous skin!

I actually look forward to applying Good As Gold because it feels like I'm giving myself a spa treatment and my skin is now so soft and lovely. You have created a fantastic line of products with Simply Divine Botanicals, and now Good As Gold is a perfect addition. I recommend it highly and give it five out of five stars. Thank you!

In Peace & Blessings, Rachel L. North Berge, NJ

I have been using your Simply Divine Botanicals Lavender Moisturizing Body Cream for 5 years now for my Restless Legs Syndrome. I had  tried everything from over the counter to medication from a doctor and nothing worked, my girlfriend had a jar of this and asked me to put this on my legs and feet, I could smell the Lavender and it instantly calmed my legs and feet, no waiting either! . I also rub it on my hands, which makes them soft. I love the smell of the real Lavender and I sleep like a baby! If I go overnight somewhere and forget to bring my jar, I actually panic, because its the only thing that gives me a good night sleep. I have told my family and friends about about this wonderful cream. Please don’t ever run out or stop making this wonderful product. I usually don’t bother writing reviews but I had to tell the owner what a blessing she has in this product and I hope that other people that have restless legs please try this and you will get the best night sleep ever. Customer for life !

Scott King

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