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Spray your Face! Spray your Space!


Rose Damascena Hydrosol, also known as Rosewater, possesses an extraordinary aroma that is virtually true to the aroma of fresh rose petals. Rose Damascena Hydrosol is well known for its ability to provide balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Rose Damascena Hydrosol acts as a humectant and also helps to balance the skin. It can be used for all skin types including combination skin. It helps to regulate sebum, and its antibacterial properties can be helpful in the prevention of acne. It is a good choice for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formulations. It is also known for its ability to help cool sunburn.
Emotionally, Rose Damascena Hydrosol is both invigorating yet calming. It is an ideal hydrosol for inclusion in formulations for grief, depression, stress and anxiety reduction. It is also a good choice for women's blends intended to help balance the hormones and combat the symptoms of PMS, menopause and menstrual cramping. Roses are the flower of romance and Moroccan Rose Hydrosol is said to be an aphrodisiac. It is a good choice for products intended for romantic and sensual occasions.

Pure Rose Distillate Spray your Face! Spray your Space!

  • Facial Toner Body Spray/Splash Makeup Remover. Use to Replace Water in Moisturizers. Use in Clay Facials and Masks, Steams, Compresses, Wet Wipes, Room Spray, Linen Spray, and Clothing Spray.

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