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Amaranth Oil

Amaranth oil is loaded with life-sustaining, beauty-enhancing nutrients. Amaranth oil aids skin regeneration and helps in renewing the skin's protective layer that absorbs UV rays and fight free radicals thus possessing the anti-aging properties. Amaranth oil is suitable for treatment of chronic skin dryness and its topical application smoothes and softens the skin, making it more elastic and supple.. The oil also has demonstrably proven anti-inflammatory qualities.

Save the Sharks!


Use Squalene from Amaranth Oil


When Squalene and Water fuse Oxygen is released deep into your cells.


HEALTHY OXYGENATING EFFECT: Squalene is a high-quality, unsaturated hydrocarbon which studies indicate is capable of supplying the cells with much needed oxygen. This increased oxygen produces a more efficient metabolic process, enhancing energy and metabolism at the cellular level.


SQUALENE - A GIFT OF NATURE: Amaranth oil contains up to 8% of squalene and is the highest plant-based source of it. A simple google search for the benefits of squalene will speak for itself. Most squalene currently comes from deep-sea sharks. Amaranth oil is the only natural source with such high amounts of squalene. 



  • Rejuvenates and Brightens – squalene repairs damaged, dry and tired looking skin by adding back lost moisture.

  • Youthful Skin – amaranth oil minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Reduces Blemishes – squalene oil helps to reduce and remove stretch marks, sun spots, and photo-aging.

  • Soothes and Repairs – apply the organic amaranth oil to dry, fragile lips or sunburn and allow it to moisturize deeply.

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