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"You are really going to have to trust me on this one as I have no words to accurately describe the experiences you will have when you use BioCircuits.

One day I was searching the web and came across an out of print book written in 1988 called BioCircuits by Leslie and Terry Patten. I read one chapter and was hooked. I knew it was for me but where could I find a set?
The book talks extensively about Dr. Peter Lindemann a scientist who started researching BioCircuits in the 1970’s while looking for a solution to Herpes Simplex. So I went back to the web, found Dr. Lindeman and his lovely wife. Jackie and I became fast friends and she persuaded Peter to take a little time out from his many other projects to help me manufacture BioCircuits for they believe as I do that BioCircuits can do so much for so many. Dr. Lindemann continued his research long after the book was published and shared his later findings with me when he and Jackie came to my home in Puerto Rico.

Both Peter and Jackie are healers and “sensitives” who commune with Nature and receive information from the Original Source of All. I hope to be sharing their other healing creations with you in the near future.

I have successfully used BioCircuits with friends, family and myself for:
-Back pain
-Neck pain
-Jaw pain
-Knee pain
-Attention deficit

I have only you best interest at heart,"

-Barbara Rogers


I have seen copper BioCircuits actually double the speed at which the Qi flows through energy meridians." 
-Miki Shima O.M.D., C.A. President Japanese-American Accupunture Foundation

Biocircuits, or Eeman screens, were discovered by Leon Ernest Eeman in the early 1920s. After serious injuries in a plane crash, Eeman was deemed 100 percent disabled. While hospitalized he recalled Jesus' admonition "Heal the sick by the laying on of hands." Eeman reasoned that this healing energy was the subtle energy of the life force itself. Within two years after his release from the hospital he developed techniques using these screens that "restored him to better health than he had ever known."

Thousands of men and women have testified to the amazing and subtle efficacy of BioCircuits over their 90 year history. These simple, safe, non-mechanical implements enhance the flow of life energy by connecting different parts of the body with simple linkages of copper. BioCircuits introduce no external electrical or magnetic energy to the body, and yet their effects seem nothing short of miraculous. Back in World War I, a young British pilot named Leon Ernest Eeman crashed just after take-off, sustaining serious injuries. He spent time in five different hospitals, and was finally released, being deemed “100 percent disabled, permanently unfit for any duty.”

“Biocircuits increase the flow of energies through the spine and balance the body’s electropotentials," 
Jack Schwarz, N.D. Author, Voluntary Controls and Human Energy Systems


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  • “After a few weeks in a hospital bed, two things became clear: that I was in such pain and felt so ill that I couldn’t live much longer, and that if I was to recover I should have to do the job myself, as none of the treatments I had received had relieved either the acute head and spine pains and the unbearable insomnia, or the war exhaustion brought on by flying in four different countries, with dysentery and malaria added for good measure. I concentrated all I had left in me on my wish to recover and to do so by my own means, in view of the failure of allopathic medicine."

    “This wish became so powerful that one morning, weak though I was, I wildly struck my bedside table with my fist and shouted at my orderly that whatever anybody thought, I would get completely fit again. To this the orderly replied, There is one thing about you, sir, when you go down the sink, you’ll go down with a joke. After pondering the way Jesus was said to heal people just by laying his hands on them, Eeman developed a set of copper polarity screens. After two years of regular use, Eeman reported that his excruciating pain and insomnia were completely gone, and he felt in better health than he had ever known. (!) Intrigued by the power of the simple device, he went on to experiment and successfully treat a wide range of health problems in many people."

    What was quite unique about Eeman’s work was the fact that he developed a method that relied on no outside presence – neither another person, nor electricity, nor any form of medicine. Neither was it necessary to devote a great deal of time and effort to master a yogic or meditative discipline.

    Instead, he invented a simple device by which any person could transmit energy to his own body by merely lying down on it. In essence, the device connects various points of one’s own body to facilitate the circulation of one’s own energy.

    Eeman states:

    "The relaxation circuit almost invariably produces a progressive sense of muscular relaxation, warmth, well-being and drowsiness, often culminating in sleep, slower and stronger pulse, slower and fuller respiration, with more complete deflation, progressively longer pauses between deflations and inflations, and a lowering of the pitch of the voice."

    It was found that direct contact between the copper mats and the individual was not necessary in order to produce the effects noted; clothing and even cushions did not act as barriers.

    “A whole new way of balancing the energies of the human body…. I have found BioCircuits to be very valuable stress-reduction tools.” 
    Joseph Heller Hellerwork Bodywork and Movement Education

    Eeman discovered that by connecting the polarities of the body with copper wires he could balance the body and heal many diseases!

    Many case reports covering various types of ailments are detailed in the book Co-Operative Healing. Among the ailments relieved by these circuits are listed: mental, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and eliminative disorders; headaches, high blood pressure, rheumatism, lumbago sciatica and many other conditions. Insomnia appeared particularly to be relieved.

    TIP: Put yourself in a Relaxation Circuit using your own energies for increased wellbeing.

    Peter Lindemann (from Borderlands Research) showed in many experiments over many years that “BioCircuits are an effective medium for receiving detailed information about the whole body directly from its energy field and for communicating healing information to the body purely, directly and effectively.” Lindemann’s view of life energy as conscious is fundamental to these experiments, just as is the fact that it is always the body itself which heals, and a good practitioner will simply facilitate that process, helping to remove blockages in the various energy flows which promote health. Healing is a natural process, and all vibrational therapies are attempts to catalyse these natural processes, and accelerate what the body would do normally anyway.

    The intelligence of life works physically through the DNA, which controls all processes and functions in the body. When injury occurs, the DNA assesses it, decides what to do, and does it, using the same information/blueprint that was used in building the body in the first place.


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