Positive Vibes Week 2 Winner

So…. I frequent a nearby health food supermarket and have done for many years. The people who work there have always been so lovely and even loving to me, sometimes hugs, laughter, discussions, fun, always helpful and positive people. I’ve always wanted to show my appreciation somehow, but somehow, I just never came up with an idea that seemed to fit just right. And there are, at the store, after all, around 100 people working there. Comes the quarantine and this store and these people became, very quickly, it’s been easy to see, nothing less than my lifeline. I’m over the age of safety and have had pneumonia-challenged lungs and so I’ve been ordering online, getting deliveries, or doing curbside pickup. Whenever I’ve had occasion to be on the phone with any of them, or texted, or had any questions, they have been absolute champions of graciousness and kindness. And with this new level of pressure — longer hours, health worries, etc. — it became instantly and absolutely clear to me (as to so many of us) that these folks are nothing short of heroic. I thought, what could I do to say thank you? I mean, if I were a billionaire, I’d give them all massive bonuses and paid vacations, for course, but so far, not so much a billionaire. But… I am a sculptor. And I sometimes make Heart Art for gifts. So I thought — aha! They all deserve Medals! I decided to make them 100 Golden Hearts, Medals for valor and bravery and stamina and all the other beautiful virtues they express daily. And so, pictured below are the gold leaf/polymer clay (with teensy Swaravoski jewels and a bit o’ glitter), no molds, just… love and gratitude. I delivered them all packed up with a thank you letter and dropped them off, and though I haven’t seen any of the folks who work there since, I tell you, it was THE BEST feeling to set myself such a task, to work very hard in the creating of those hearts to somehow attempt to thank them for working so very hard, day after day after day, to keep seriously good food on my table. I so look forward to seeing some of them again in — who knows, weeks? — to hug and thank them in person. Times like this make us appreciate the “ordinary” and make us realize the true heroism our neighbors. Thanks, Suzie P.

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Positive Vibes Week 1 Winner

This is Mila!  After 1 year of IVF and trying to get pregnant, my husband and I now have a healthy baby girl.  She is bringing us so much light during the quarantine and a silver lining is that my husband is able to be home with me while we learn how to be new parents together.  Sasha