"Product Report"

Skin Care and Simply Divine Botanicals by Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD

Recently, when I was doing a workshop in Las Vegas, I went to visit Barbara Rogers at Simply Divine Botanicals. I was amazed at the energy she created at her place. She seemed like a mother fairy with her little fairies working around her, creating these amazing skin products. Barbara is a healer in her own right, as well as a Master Herbalist. The principle that intrigued me with her work was that she energized all her products with heart-felt love, good intentions, and Reiki. Based on her herbal mastery in the use of aromatic oils, she had also used these principles to activate the acupuncture meridians with her skin products in a way that seemed to create systemic healing as well as activating the skinís own energies. Barbara had been working on the skin care products in an unusual way, making them without any toxic chemicals or additives. The answer came to her of how to do this through prayer. What she received was how to make skin care products, not only without toxins, but which raise peopleís vibrational energy. Sometimes people look askance at the focus on the skin. But itís helpful to understand the skin is the largest surface area organ on the body, and our work at the Tree of Life, as we look at the skin, is how to create an outer radiance that reflect our inner radiance. I believe that Simply Divine Botanicals, made by this group of ďholy fairies,Ē really achieves that purpose.

Weíve been using the products at the Tree for several years and have been quite pleased with them. Some of the most exciting products include Keeping Abreast of It, which is especially good for the lymphatic system in general, but specifically good for breast lymphatic congestion, and breast cysts. Iíve used it with very good results in women with these kinds of issues. It seems to be good for all lymphatic drainage and circulation and because of its aromatherapeutic effects on the meridians that stimulate lymphatic circulation, I use it for people who have lymphatic congestion any part of the body, as well as the breasts.

Barbara has also developed, with the use of a very rare oil called tamanu oil, from the tamanu berry, some very interesting remedies. She makes very delightful names; one of them is called Pack Your Bags, They're Leaving. Many people suffer from under-eye puffiness, and this is a remedy put under your eyes that really makes the puffiness move away, and also helps strengthen kidney function. She also has a product called Skincredible, made from this tamaru oil, which she finds to be very helpful with herpes, eczema, burns, acne, varicose veins, arthritis, and pain in general. This product has just come out, and it has amazing testimonials. Another interesting product of hers is called Face the Day. Itís a firming seaweed serum that seems to be quite popular and it is exceptionally good for sun-damaged skin. It really comes in two steps: Face the Day, which is a seaweed serum, made from 100% pure brown seaweed extract and essential oils. You follow this up with a dilution of that, called Plump Up The Volume, made of the same things. The French have been very passionate about seaweed therapies for years. It is part of what is called thalassotherapy. Seaweed concentrates all of the oceanís nutrients in the same perfect balance for humans. According to Dan Fryda, author of Oceans Within, seaweed, ďÖ. whether eaten or applied topically via micronized seaweed products, is virtually a perfect substance for the body and skin providing the richest source of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, anti oxidants, phytohormones, polysaccharides and enzymes found anywhere in nature.Ē Seaweeds and algae possess super human-friendly protective substances. Some of the benefits include: anti aging skincare; increased skin UV tolerance; cold sore (herpes) infection, possible STD prevention, and weight loss. She has also made a very effective analgesic balm called Hot 4 You.

Barbaraís work has also yielded products for the more traditional skin care approaches, such as the Gypsy Rose tea astringent, which was inspired by a 1500-year old formula made by the Gypsies for the Queen of Hungary. This is a blend that she infuses for six weeks and adds a few additional herbs. The benefits are for all the skin types. It keeps the skin fresh all day long and soothes dry, irritated skin.

The main principle in offering these skin care products is the suggestion that we can honor ourselves by using them, increasing our outer radiance as a reflection for the inner radiance. By developing our outer radiance we build up our inner radiance. Itís a real gift that sheís given to us. Simply Divine Botanicals is of course available at the Awakened Living Shoppe, and online. I encourage you to give yourself a treat by rebalancing your skin energies, and therefore rebalancing your system.

Another advantage of these oils and creams is that they serve a very important Ayurvedic principle of balancing vata, and most people, in the stress of our modern-day life, have a tendency to become vata-deranged. I have found these oils effective for balancing the vata energy, which is reflected in a rough, dry skin and an irritated nervous system. The Ayurvedic principle, which we do detail with our Panchakarma massage and the only live-food Panchakarma seven-day program in the world, is effective for both detoxification and rejuvenation. It is most effective for balancing and healing vata. Itís a whole other way to create calm, peace, and joy in your life.

Sincerely, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat Ayurveda author Conscious Eating



I've worked for Simply Divine Botanicals and Barbara Rogers for a little over 10 yrs. That was when I started using her products and let me tell you what an amazing difference that decision has made in my complexion and my whole body experience. I am 86 years young and have been told many times," you sure don't look that age". That feels so great! I have been using her newest creation called, "As Good As Gold", and it is a miracle! My facial skin has never felt so soft or look so young. I have seen a reduction in wrinkles, brown spots and whatever else has showed up unwanted on my face. I certainly recommend this duo treatment to pamper yourself. I love all her products, have been using them for 10 years and As Good As Gold is the best yet! Barbara is an amazing woman with a gift of helping woman to look and feel younger. Bless you, Barbara.

Joyce J. Henderson NV.

5.19.16 Dear Barbara,

I cannot thank you enough for creating the Good As Gold 2-part face product. I use the Liquid and Black Gold several times a week and leave them on for an hour, as you suggested. The results are phenomenal!

First, many of my blemishes have all but disappeared and my skin is clearer and more beautiful than ever before. I have struggled with adult acne and, as a result, have many red and dark marks on my face. The acne is mostly around the bottom right and left sides of my mouth and has left numerous scars. I have tried the typical avenues, such as prescribed pills and topical treatments, as well as over-the-counter remedies, but none of them reduced the redness and scars. The Good As Gold removed almost all of the ugly scarring. And, where my face used to be puffy and swollen from the acne, it is now smooth and clear. Wow, what a difference!

Second, my entire face is the softest I have ever felt it, especially immediately after using Good As Gold. Also, my face is staying soft and beautiful even a day or two later (of course, that may be due to the other amazing products of yours that I enjoy such as Amazing Face and Creme de Rose). I love seeing the results of my new, fabulous skin!

I actually look forward to applying Good As Gold because it feels like I'm giving myself a spa treatment and my skin is now so soft and lovely. You have created a fantastic line of products with Simply Divine Botanicals, and now Good As Gold is a perfect addition. I recommend it highly and give it five out of five stars. Thank you!

In Peace & Blessings, Rachel L. North Berge, NJ


"I read the letters from your clients and hoped that I would follow in their footsteps in gratitude. Well, here I am, 50ishhhhhh! For the last year I have noticed the bags, (more on top of my cheek bone) were becoming constant companions. I became depressed about facing the day with my face. I have a young spirit and fairly youthful overall appearance, but; these bags were really affecting my feeling of well being. I ordered "Pack Your Bags They're leaving, 5 days ago. They were here in 2 days, (WoW) and I have used the product morning and night for 3 days.

This morning I kept looking in the mirror from all light perspectives and found I was smiling at myself. The bags have diminished by about 75% and I am GRATEFULL! Please note, I also watched my diet and drank water in an effort to Colon-Liver-Kidney Cleanse.

I am back on the web site and am going to order the Seaweed Sample Pack.

I have never written a review, With Love and Gratitude", E. Alexandra, Whistler, Canada


"I've known Barbara Rogers for over ten years. In that time I've seen her continuously, consistantly deliver some of the best body products this side of the universe. When you use her Simply Divine Botanicals products, you are sure to have THE BEST DAY EVER!"

David Wolfe CEO Rawfood.com Author of Eating for Beauty, Naked Chocolate, and The Sunfood Diet Success System.


" I love these products! My skin is so soft and smooth!"

Karen Berg co founder Kaballah Centers


"Hi Barbara, Im pretty convinced that your products are the best organics on the market. When you can actually see results instantly and continue to see the benefits its truly a good product."

Mara Schiavetti Make-up Artist Ford Modeling ----------

"The benefits of looking younger has given me a psychological boost. Your products perform near miracles, I am amazed!"

Robbie Keeley


"Simply Divine is simply the best! These products are in a category of their own, no others can compare. Our customers love them and the company is a joy to work with!"

Rinzai from Rinzai's Natural Foods in Sedona, AZ


"Sometimes we find products that give good results but contain harmful ingredients or products that are clean but with little efficacy. Simply Divine's products REALLY WORK! We understand energy and the power of intention and are excited to work with these wonderful products". Allyce Eggleston Life's Essentials Wellness Spa Steamboat Springs,CO



I've tried every remedy. Most only made things WORSE! The results from Pack Your Bags initially was visible, but the marked difference came when I put Pack Your Bags on before bedtime. For 6 months now, when I wake, my eyes are super puffy. This makes me want to cry but the only reason I don't is that it will only make things worse! Vanity prevents me from shedding bitter tears!!! This morning, after putting Pack Your Bags on the night before, I awoke to eyes that were almost considered normal! I jumped for joy that, finally, a product kept it's promise. Pack Your Bags should be in every woman's beauty arsenal."

Amy Lounsbury, 38


"I have never ever written a thank you letter or any kind of review to a skin care company before; I've never felt the need to before. I am still ordering your sample size products to determine which ones I like the best, but so far I'm am surpisingly pleased. I actually came across your link on the one lucky duck website. I was looking at the Raw Food book on the web site & noticed that she, the author, had several "recommended products" listed at the bottom. Your products were listed & I was intrigued by the descriptions of your products.

Let me start back at the beginning. I was blessed growing up to have a clear and smooth complexion. I rarely ever got a zit and people always told me what beautiful skin I had. After I had my first child my skin looked even better! But, after my second child was born it wasn't quite as smooth as it once was. I started to get breakouts, my pores looked clogged, and the texture of my skin wasn't as even & just looked ruddier. After my third child my skin only got worse. As soon as I got one breakout to clear up I got another. I now have light acne scarring. I have tried products for combination skin, oily skin, dry & sensitive, & normal skin. I have seen mild improvements but they never last. My breakouts are always worse right before that time of the month starts. I have watched my skin age dramatically in just a few short years because of all my skin breakouts. Nothing has worked. I've tried proactive & just as soon as it would start working, my skin would start flaking & peeling. If I used something to try and counter act the dryness then my skin just seemed to break out even more. I've tried cheap products, mid-range, and even a few expensive products. I've tried multiple organic skin care lines & traditional OTC skin care lines too. Nothing has worked. Now I have also gained weight over my last two pregnancies & don't drink as much water or exercise as much as I know I should. I know that is some of the problem, but I eat very healthy. I have started to drink more water & am slowly getting back into an exercise routine. Those things are only a small part of the solution. I have been struggling over the past 5 years to find something that works on the outside too to help give me back the glowing skin I once had.

I've lost count of all the times I've broken down into tears over the condition of my skin. I never used to have to wear makeup and was always a little grossed out when I saw a woman who was wearing too much makeup. Now I am one of those women. I get breakouts that are so bad that I have to cake on the makeup. The worst part of it is is that the makeup doesn't cover up the breakouts. Not even close. You can still see the breakouts and the poor condition of my skin, but walking around w/ too much makeup is still an improvement to walking around showing all my acne scars and current breakout. Anyways, I ordered my first round of your sample sizes a couple of weeks ago. I got the can't zit here cleanser, the tea toner, the amazing face, honey I shrunk your pores, & the pack your bags eye treatment. Let me say WOW!!! Nothing I have ever tried has worked this well this fast. When my first order arrived it was right before that time of the month. Usually I get an array of new zits on my chin & jaw line & my pores look dirtier around that time too. This time while using your products, I only got a tiny little break out, 3 pimples, which healed very quickly. Even those new zits that I got while using your products didn't look they were infected and ready to explode. They were manageable & looked decent under my makeup. Also, the rest of my skin tone has evened out again & some of my old natural glow has returned! My pores no longer look clogged and nasty. My skin overall looks clearer & healthier.

To be honest, I'm trying not to get too excited too soon. I have always been disappointed in the past. But I am hopeful. I just orders some of your sandalwood elixir for scarring & the other face scrub and the creme de rose moisturizer. I still have samples of the cleanser & toner left. I'm excited to find out if my skin keeps improving. I wanted to write now just to say thank you. Your products have provided me with more relief from my skin in 2 weeks than anything I've ever used before! If your products continue to work than I will be forever thankful!!"



"I'm a new user of your products. My sister, Shannon Sprague turned me on to them when I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea. The dermatologist gave some perceptive face wash and topical cream and it just made my Rosacea worse. I've always had beautiful skin and have never had to wear makeup. I've been having to wear makeup for the last 6 months because my skin was so bad. I've been using your products for a month now and I can't tell you how grateful I am to you and your products. Today is the first day in 6 months that I've been able to walk out the door with NO MAKEUP!! Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back!!"

Jaimee Swiderski Lowell, MA Customer for life!!


"I was introduced to Barbara Rogers products while working at the Tree of Life Health Practice. I had a problem with lymphatic congestion for some time. After using Keeping Abreast of It for several weeks I lost all symptoms. I also use Outer Body Experience and Gypsy Rose Tea routinely. I have found these products to be extreamly helpful. No other products are so pleasing to my senses as well as healing to my body. Thank you Barbara for all you do."

Susan Miller R.N.


"New York cosmetologist. I take a hard look at every ingredient of every product I carry in my store. Very few products pass my inspection,they say im like the CIA/FBI buyer of organic products. Even fewer products bring me personal joy to the point of writing a testimonial ,in fact ive only wrote 2 before after 13 years of owning my store. I feel there is only 1 lotion that can be put on the skin and leave it capable of breathing and thats Simply Divines body milk. When you are in a hot climate lotions can make you feel oily and lock in heat which can feel terribly uncomfortable quickly.The Lime in the Coconut is cooling and makes you happy smelling it. Another product thats beyond words is the deodorant especially the lymphatic ,Keeping Abreast of it which is all I will use. The How Now Brown Cocoa when pplied to shoulders after a day in the sun seems to just add beauty to a tan. The Feet Treat is so fluffy,no other foot cream compares. Well I could go on about all the products because they are all the best. Just need to add that Barbara has been so thoughtful in her formulations with perfect names to match. It didnt surprise me to hear her positive personality when we first spoke ,only someone with sincere concern for life and people could make such pure products. So I wanted to thank her personally for her products and wish her all the success,I hope I can help with this and also hope she never sells out."

Christina Wade,Owner of Ocean City Organics an Organic Market store in Maryland also a licensed


"Barbara, Pack your bags is wonderful! I have told everyone about it. The difference in my eyes is fabulous. I have even put it on sagging skin on other parts of my face and it has the same effect. I really like this product and recommend it to everyone. You really have out done yourself on this one."

Dixie Story Midwife/ Raw Food Chef


"Have only been using your products for a few days, and there is already a huge difference in my skin...and the scents are fantastic!!!! I went to work last night and got several compliments on how "fresh" I looked! Thank you so much, and I look forward to much more!!"



"I love Pack Your Bags, They're Leaving. I just received it today, I can definitely see the difference, (I initially did do one eye first & there was a difference) I am so pleased to find something that actually works!!"



"I received the sample of Pack Your Bags a couple of days ago and I am so pleased and surprised at its effectiveness. If anyone knows why or how it works, I'd love to hear. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying all aspects of using it: its smell, its texture and most of all, its results. I also appreciate the other samples you included, and have so far tried the creme rose and the black velvet facial wash. Love both. Thanks for your generosity in sending so many of your products. So now I want to order EVERYTHING, but of course cannot. I will try to call tomorrow to order as much as I can afford right now. I'm hoping you take phone orders; if not, I'll go back to the computer, Luddite that I am, to place an order. Thanks for your work. It's good to know about you and your creations, infused with purity, caring and Spirit."

Maggie Locke


"I had to give it a few days to actually believe it was really doing what I was seeing. You have to understand, because of my allergies, I've literally had bags under my eyes my entire life & I have tried everything under the sun. Seriously, you name it, anything, outside of surgery, I've tried it. I quite truly cannot beleive my eyes - no pun intended! I am almost hesitant to say so as I don't want to jinx my little miracle here! You cannot imagine what joy finally ditching my "excess baggage" has brought to my life. And to think it all comes straight from Nature! Although I don't feel a standing ovation & sincere thank you truly due your product justice, I hope they will suffice. I no longer frown into the mirror every morning when I wake, there are just no words to express how wonderful that feels.Thank you!!! p.s. Honey I Shrunk the Pores, is also incredible, by the way! I'm a big fan & it will surely be on my next order!"

Victoria Stearns


"I've suffered with chronic sinus inflammation for several years now, and the puffy eyelids and baggy under eye area that are the side effects of it. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten together with friends, after taking time and effort with my makeup and hair, only to have them tell me how tired I look. UGH! I tried lots of different products and will even admit to applying Preparation H under my lids (hey, it's supposed to shrink swelling, right?!), but I never really saw any noticeable improvement. Then one day I went online and did a search for "puffy eye cream" and there you were! I read your description of Pack Your Bags They're Leaving, read the testimonials, and figured that if it worked only HALF as well as I'd read, I'd be very pleased. When my little goodie bag of samples arrived, I went straight to the bathroom mirror and applied the gel to one eye, as you suggested, so I could see the difference. Just a few minutes later the appearance of that eye was smoother and the puffiness was almost completely gone. I started applying it at night before bed, and my eyes looked great in the morning. Another dab with my makeup and my eyes are so much brighter!! So ... thank you, thank you, thank you! And now that I'm almost to the bottom of my trial size, I'm going on line to order a larger bottle."

Diane Hernandez


"The biggest symptom of my PMS is an overwhelming desire to buy a new face cream, mask, eye cream, wrinkle reducer, etc. once a month. Needless to say, since I've been menstruating for 31 years now, I have sampled an embarrassing number of products. If I could get back all of the money I have spent over the years, I would spend it all on your "Peel Me A Papaya" mask. I have never used a mask - or anything for that matter - that left my skin feeling softer or smoother or looking clearer. I love the simplicity of the ingredients and the powerful yet gentle exfoliation it performs. It is great stuff. I just ordered your sample pack so that I can see what other spectacular goodies you have created (especially the "Pack Your Bags" eye gel). Thank you for making effective, love-infused, chemical-free lotions and potions for those of us who simply must satisfy our hormone driven urges!"



"I've been waiting for these products all of my life! When I use these heavenly products I feel like a member of the royal family without all the hastle of running the country. The first ingredient in each remedy is unconditional love and gratitude. My daily meditations are now super infused with this wonderful feeling that my being can and will be positively renewed from the inside out. Much thanks to the wonderful people who make these luxurious products that really do so much good. Who couldnt use a blessing in a bottle?"

Maria Shaheen


"Wow, all we can say is thanks to David Wolfe for recommending Simply Devine products. My husband bought me the sample pack for Christmas last year and I was amazed that I actually used them all up. We both use and love Black Velvet face wash along with the Gypsy Rose toner. We like Keeping Abreast of it. Some other products we enjoy are Pack Your Bags, Honey I Shrunk the Pores, and the Seaweed Pack. The body butter smells wonderful too! We've recommended Simply Divine to our friends and family. It is nice to find an entire line of great products that work. Thank you Barbara!"

Kristian & Natasha


"Well I have to say that i just love your products. I received the samples of Creme de Rose and Amazing Face. Your products are just wonderful. They are the best facial moisturizers I have ever used. I love all the healthy ingredients in them and feel so good about putting them on my skin. I use Amazing Face in the a.m. and Creme de Rose in the p.m. Truly the best! And the generous sample of "Pack your bags" eye creme will probably last me for at least 6 months. I love this, it takes away any puffiness and lines and once again all great ingedients that I feel good about putting on my face. Thank you Barbara, I am recommending your products to all my friends."

Eva W

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If this is your first time using Simply Divine Botanicals may we suggest trying samples first as we only accept returns if product is damaged.