Ina Martin
Healing Light Center

Ina Martin is a blessing in my life both personally and professionally. Over the years I have referred hundreds of clients to her who received the same wonderful and loving assistance that I have. I truly believe that I would not be the person or healer that I have evolved to be without her patient guidance.

Ina certainly has the ability to do "psychic readings" but this is not her work. Through many hours spent in prayer and meditation the lessons your soul is longing to learn are revealed. We believe that all physical ailments, financial lack and relationship issues begin with incorrect thinking and thru the Grace of God Ina is able to help you identify what you need to learn and how you can change that, and after all that is why we are here, to learn and grow. It isn't easy to look at ourselves but until we do we are imprisoned by the mind, doing your work will set you free. Face it, Embrace it, Erase it!

Long before I thought of doing a skincare line Ina told me I would be creating beauty products that would uplift people and help them to heal, I laughed -look who's laughing now. My soul has been cleaned and pressed, I have been Martin-ized! Go to the Light, the Healing Light!
Love, Barbara

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