Baby Face
Energized Oxygen Treatment

Baby Face<br>Energized Oxygen Treatment OUT OF STOCK
Baby Face
Energized Oxygen Treatment OUT OF STOCK
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Product Description

So new it doesn't have a label but we couldn't wait to make it available to you as we believe it may be one of our best products yet!

Baby Face will be viable for ten plus years but must be kept refrigerated at all times to retain oxygen!

Successfully used on: Wrinkles, Blemishes, Skin Viruses, Skin and Nail Fungus, Burns, Bruises, Discoloration

APPLICATION: Gently but deeply massage a small amount into skin that has been thoroughly cleansed and toned every other night or as desired. May be layered over any Simply Divine treatment or moisturizer.

INGREDIENTS: Unconditional Love and Gratitude, Organic Rose Hip seed oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Olive oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Essential oils of: Lavender, Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Rose, Bergamot, Rosewood, Palmarosa and Vitamin E., Infused with Energized Oxygen for six weeks.

Dear Barbara,

I wanted to write you to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your skin care products are by far the best and most effective products I have ever used... and that is saying a lot! As an esthetician and "product junkie" I have used every brand under the sun- conventional and natural. Nothing has ever worked better for my skin- which is sensitive, combination and I have rosacea.

Not only is your Black Velvet Foaming Facial Cleanser the perfect combination of ingredients, scent and cleansing strength, but you only need the tiniest amount! Literally, a drop will thoroughly clean your skin. I also love the Skincredible and use it twice a day, everyday. To moisturize I swear by the Amazing Face- again, only needing the smallest amount. Never greasy, heavy, or clogging pores- it really is amazing.

The latest Simply Divine product I just tried and tested, is Baby Face. This I used at night, over the Skincredible, and it worked so well, I'm tempted to call my dermatologist and brag after he told me no topical product would ever help my rosacea. Boy, was he wrong! This product not only calmed down every bit of my flare up, but it completely rid me of all blemishes, old and new, and my skin became very soft and supple. Seriously- this product is like no other! You store it in the refrigerator, it has a unique scent, and you can actually FEEL it working. I love, love, love this product, and the name Baby Face is perfect for it!

Thank you so much, Barbara for producing products I trust, products that work and that help me feel more confident every day. I no longer feel like my rosacea has the best of me- with Baby Face it is completely under control.

With Love,


"May 2010, Barbara Rogers gave me a sample jar of a special skin cream that she had developed that she said worked wonders on many ailments. In high school, I had worked as a lifeguard and developed painful cancerous moles due to sunburn. I had one removed surgically and it confirmed Melanoma skin cancer. 2 others had been hurting me for years. When I returned home with Barbara's cream, I applied it and went to bed. The next morning, all pain was gone and the moles were reduced from their swollen size. Now several weeks later after only one application, they are still fine. Robin A Phillips Naguabo,PR May 30 2010"

We went to Casa Picaflores expecting a wonderful vacation in "El Yunque" (which we had), but also found the site and the owner Barbara Rogers to be full of healing energy. I went here with chronic foot problems which I had for over 10 years. After a few days of Barbara's magic oils, I realized my feet no longer hurt! I was literally jumping with joy. Her oils also reduced by more than half a very large cyst I have had on my back for over 30 years - and its still shrinking. When I returned home (with some of the oil) my Mom had just gotten shingles. In 3 days all the bumps were gone and she felt no pain. Her doctor was amazed. My husband who has had chronic back problems for over 40 years, also became pain free with her treatments and was able to hike for 10 miles in "El Yunque" without pain.

KK Haspel Bio Dynamic Farmer

We sent Baby Face to the girls at Beauty Info Zone because we respect their opinion. Below is email response:

I noticed that my blemishes healed much faster once I started using it. Eyes less puffy in the morning, fine lines much softer. And my skin feels SUPER soft. I love that you can use it over other serums, so I put it on after the Skincredible, just a little bit, and massage it in. I feel like I am totally pampering myself, which is awesome...the coolness from being refrigerated just feels amazing.

Baby Face is probably the strangest moisturizer I have ever used. It looks like liquid vegetable oil. When I first got it, I thought, oh my, I guess I made a mistake! Why would I put this oil on my face?? Little did I know that this moisturizer would become so addicting I would start to purposely not wear makeup (shock of the century for me!) so I could smooth a few drops of this amazing stuff on every so often throughout the day.

First, let me tell what’s in this, then I will tell you how it has worked for me. Baby Face contains Unconditional Love and Gratitude, Organic Rose Hip seed oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Olive oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Essential oils of: Lavender, Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Rose, Bergamot, Rosewood, Palmarosa and Vitamin E., and is infused with Energized Oxygen for six weeks. All of this mixed together makes an extremely elegant, results-producing moisturizer that is different from anything I have ever tried. You can use this on wrinkles, acne, skin conditions like viruses, burns, and fungus, plus bruises and discoloration.

Like I said, it looks like vegetable oil in the jar. You keep it in the refrigerator, and it can last for up to ten years. You just need a tiny amount, maybe two drops, for your whole face. I smooth this on after I have cleansed and treated my face in the morning, then I put SPF on over it. At night, I put this on very last right before I go to bed. And like I said, I have started not wearing any makeup during the day when I’m home just because I love to smooth on a drop or two every so often.

Ok, so what has this done for me? My face is – you guessed it – baby soft. It diminishes fine lines, heals blemishes quickly, and calms undereye puffiness. After I started using this, I went to get a treatment done and my aesthetician said, “WOW, you look amazing!! What have you been using?” The only thing I had added to my routine was the Baby Face. It truly is great, and the name is perfect – if you want a baby face, you should try this moisturizer. - Lisa

Lisa Ann Acton

If this is your first time using Simply Divine Botanicals may we suggest trying samples first as we only accept returns if product is damaged.