As Good As Gold - LIQUID GOLD

As Good As Gold - LIQUID GOLD
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Product Description

LIQUID GOLD: Deeply massage into clean skin for a full 2 minutes, do not remove.

Follow with Black Gold (NOT included).

Contains: Love & Gratitude, Organic Moringa Oil slow-infused with Frankincense Resin, Organic Sesame Oil slow-infused with Brahmi Leaf & Bacopa Herb. ALL ORGANIC.


I've worked for Simply Divine Botanicals and Barbara Rogers for a little over 10 yrs. That was when I started using her products and let me tell you what an amazing difference that decision has made in my complexion and my whole body experience. I am 86 years young and have been told many times," you sure don't look that age". That feels so great! I have been using her newest creation called, "As Good As Gold", and it is a miracle! My facial skin has never felt so soft or look so young. I have seen a reduction in wrinkles, brown spots and whatever else has showed up unwanted on my face. I certainly recommend this duo treatment to pamper yourself. I love all her products, have been using them for 10 years and As Good As Gold is the best yet! Barbara is an amazing woman with a gift of helping woman to look and feel younger. Bless you, Barbara.

Joyce J. Henderson NV.

5.19.16 Dear Barbara,

I cannot thank you enough for creating the Good As Gold 2-part face product. I use the Liquid and Black Gold several times a week and leave them on for an hour, as you suggested. The results are phenomenal!

First, many of my blemishes have all but disappeared and my skin is clearer and more beautiful than ever before. I have struggled with adult acne and, as a result, have many red and dark marks on my face. The acne is mostly around the bottom right and left sides of my mouth and has left numerous scars. I have tried the typical avenues, such as prescribed pills and topical treatments, as well as over-the-counter remedies, but none of them reduced the redness and scars. The Good As Gold removed almost all of the ugly scarring. And, where my face used to be puffy and swollen from the acne, it is now smooth and clear. Wow, what a difference!

Second, my entire face is the softest I have ever felt it, especially immediately after using Good As Gold. Also, my face is staying soft and beautiful even a day or two later (of course, that may be due to the other amazing products of yours that I enjoy such as Amazing Face and Creme de Rose). I love seeing the results of my new, fabulous skin!

I actually look forward to applying Good As Gold because it feels like I'm giving myself a spa treatment and my skin is now so soft and lovely. You have created a fantastic line of products with Simply Divine Botanicals, and now Good As Gold is a perfect addition. I recommend it highly and give it five out of five stars. Thank you!

In Peace & Blessings, Rachel L. North Berge, NJ

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